24v 2 Seater Mercedes G Wagon White


Licensed By MERCEDES BENZ – 24v 2x12V 7ah BIG BATTERY & 4 x MOTORS So 4WD WITH EVA TYRES AND LEATHER SEATS and Bluetooth mode with parental remote control

Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 4WD ride-on Kids Electric 2 seater Car, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before and we’re betting you haven’t seen anything like it either, with its 4wd and The EVA noise reduction wheels make less noise And if mom or dad would prefer to control things from further away, then there’s a 2.4G parental remote so someone not in the car can operate the controls.

Max speed is weight and terrain dependant, please ensure that the toy is not overloaded as this will damage the motors and stop the toy from functioning.


4 Wheels (EVA)

2x12v7AH Powerful Battery

EVA Noise Reduction tyres

2.4G Parental Remote Control

Mp3 Connectivity

Soft Start

Led Lights


High/Low Speed

Forward and Reverse Gears

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