Ben 10 “Out of The Omnitrix Glitch Ben


Ben 10 “Out of The Omnitrix Glitch Ben 3+

  • It’s another Omnitrix glitch! Ben’s Alien transformations aren’t coming out as planned, but that doesn’t stop him from his usual Alien antics! Caught in a semi-transformed State, these Aliens are Straight out of the Omnitrix! They posess the same firepower, but have a whole new look!
  • A fusion of the techno-alien PA and Ben tennyson’s own human DNA, glitch is a mysterious, heroic presence that maintains the omnitrix…from within! Although a hybrid of Ben’s signature voice and upgrade’s futuristic looks, glitch is his own unique being with his own ideas, abilities and agenda!
  • Highly detailed, uniquely sculpted and fully articulated action figure!
  • Figures range in height from 4″ To 5″
  • Collect all Ben 10 Aliens and other characters as seen on cartoon Network’s animated series!

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