Ben 10 Rustbuggy Ben


Ben 10 Rustbuggy Ben 3+

  • Includes Racing Scooter accessory!
  • Approx. 11cm to 12cm tall!
  • Collectability with a variety of aliens!

After stopping the Innervation, kid-hero Ben Tennyson takes his alien adventures worldwide! New rival Kevin 11 has built his own version of Ben’s Omnitrix – the AntiTrix! Kevin keeps getting in Ben’s way as Ben attempts to fight against the mysterious, armoured Forever Knight, who’s recruiting for an unknown agenda that looks to change the world. forever! When Ben hops into his off-road vehicle, the Rustbuggy, he’s got to suit up for a bumpy ride! Good thing he’s got new duds that are not only protective – but stylish, too! Rustbuggy Ben is a highly detailed and uniquely sculpted action figure, at 23cm tall he comes equipped with his off-road vehicle, the Rustbuggy for added play and is part of 3 new aliens in the assortment. Collect Hot Shot and Slap back to complete the new set!

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