Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Sweet Surprise


Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Sweet Surprise


You’re gonna get a sugar rush!

Find the six silly confection characters in the mix of Sweet Surprise.

If you look close enough you’ll always find what you’re looking for with the Hide Inside! collection. Be on the hunt for six unique pieces, whether you are looking for spontaneous expressions amongst the smiling faces or bothersome bugs throughout the greenery, you’re sure to be captivated with the challenge of discovering them all!

Stretch and sort through Hide Inside! Sweet Surprise Thinking Putty to find the desserts hiding in plain sight.

Once you’ve discovered them all, mix the putty up and play again!

Thinking Putty helps build hand and finger strength through

a tactile play experience and provides relaxing yet stimulating interaction. Crazy Aaron’s putty is non-toxic, won’t dry out, and won’t leave a sticky residue on your fingers.

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