Geomag Magicube Ocean Animals


Geomag Magicube Ocean Animals – 3 Cubes – Building Set with Magnetic Cubes


  • The faces of the 3 magicube cubes show the creatures that inhabit the ocean: from the shark to the dolphin. Try to create new fun combinations
  • Constructions in three dimensions: Thanks to magnetism, Geomag magicube implements the category of constructions allowing solid constructions in three dimensions, through a simple and creative game activity
  • Development of manual skills: Children are the real protagonists that animate magicube, a toy that develops and takes shape only thanks to their imagination. Through the individual cubes the game allows you to develop manual skills, even for the little ones
  • Cubes stick on all sides: Cubes are able to stick together on any side. So they can even remain suspended. In this way the constructions become surprising but also easy to make just for everyone, even for very young children
  • All sets are compatible with each other: The numerous sets belonging to the magicube platform are compatible with each other

Warning not suitable for under 36 months, contains small magnets

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