Goozonians Hero Pack: Isla


Goozonians Hero Pack: Isla

Prepare for the ultimate squishy battle with this Goozonians Hero Pack Isla!

Join the Goozonians in their protection of the magical realm Goozonia – a land where enchanted rainbow-hued goo flows through everything!

Isla is an avid surfer and animal lover. She’s highly attuned to all the creatures in GooZonia which allows her to sense their feelings and read their body language. When active her charm helps her to communicate directly with animals for a short time.

Scrunch! Stretch! Squish! Stretch Saturnaut up to 3 times its size and watch it return to its original size again and again! Squish her to uncover her magic pearl charm that guides her in her from within

With 6 Goozonians, why not collect them all? Each Hero has a unique goo filling.

Product Information:
• Goozonians
• Isla
• Hero Pack
• Series 1
• Age: 4+

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