Gymnast Georgia Ballerina Doll


Gymnast Georgia Ballerina Interactive Doll

She can kick, she can flip, she can even do the splits…Meet 18” Gymnast Georgia! Gymnast Georgia just loves to be active – one of her favourite sports is gymnastics and she wants to show you how too! Use the remote control to move Georgia into a variety of different gymnastics poses. Select from 8 different Gymnastic moves or press the ‘Routine’ button to watch Georgia do an entire performance! Watch her do a handstand, somersault, and land all by herself! You will have endless fun creating a variety of routines. Copy Georgia’s moves to practise your own gymnastics skills – you’ll be a pro in no time! Georgia also has her very own inbuilt soundtrack – watch her perform a gymnastics routine to the music Georgia comes wearing a super cute pink patterned gymnastics leotard and has beautifully flowing long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. Children will love playing with her hair and can have fun creating a variety of hairstyles as she performs her gymnastics moves! Gymnast Georgia is a fantastic interactive product to encourage and engage a child’s imagination as well as helping to develop and encourage their own gymnastics skills. Georgia is the ultimate best friend and kids can take her with them wherever they go for fun at any time! They can have endless fun practising their gymnastics poses with friends! Gymnast Georgia comes in colourful and beautifully styled packaging and is the ideal birthday or Christmas present for girls aged 3 years and over who love interactive large-scale moving dolls, gymnastics, and role play.

Age 3+ Batteries 4X AA & 2X AAA Demo batteries included

Weight: 1.4800 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 28 x 13 x 48

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