Monsterverse Godzilla v Kong Collectable Figures Set


Monsterverse Godzilla v Kong Collectable Figures Set


The ultimate movie collector pack! This set of 6 mini figures includes all of the iconic monsters from Godzilla vs. Kong. Each figure is highly detailed, uniquely sculpted and stands at 5cm tall. Recreate your favourite battles with Godzilla, Kong, Warbat, Skull Crawler, Behemoth and Hellhawk! Designed and sculpted based on the 2021 blockbuster movie, Godzilla vs. Kong!

A colossal reptilian apex predator hailing from a time in Earth’s past where surface radiation levels were considerably higher, Godzilla retreated deep underwater as this radiation declined to feed on the planet’s natural geothermal radiation. Godzilla occasionally surfaced throughout history, inspiring some of humanity’s mythology. Kong is a member of a prehistoric, simian superspecies that evolved in the Hollow Earth, a lush ecosystem of gigantic creatures located beneath the surface of the Earth.

Warbats get their name from their aggressive nature and their bat-like appearance when they fly. Skullcrawlers are subterranean pack-hunting predators with insatiable appetites that are the results of their heightened metabolisms. Behemoth was among the many Titans awakened from his slumber in Brazil by King Ghidorah’s call. Hellhawks are aggressive predatory creatures that inhabit the caverns of the Hollow Earth.

Collectable figures included:  Godzilla, Kong, Warbat, Skullcrawler, Behemoth and Hellhawk.

All of the iconic monsters from Godzilla vs. Kong!
Each figure is highly detailed!
Uniquely sculpted and stands at 5cm tall!

Suitable for 4 + years
WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small Parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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