Red Roof Cosy Cottage


Red Roof Cosy Cottage


Red Roof Cosy Cottage is all-in-one set includes a two-storey house, figure (Chocolate Rabbit Girl) and furniture. It features a removable second storey floor that can be placed alongside the ground floor to create a wider space that is easier to play with. The stairs come as a standalone unit and can be placed in any desired location. Windows come equipped with shutters that can be opened and closed during play.

Includes: Chocolate Rabbit Girl, Red Roofed House, Second Storey Floor, Stairs, Fence (Large), Fence (Small), 2 x Windows, 4 x Shutters, Kitchen, Frying Pan, Omelette, Fork, Plate, Dining Table, 2 x Chairs, Bench, Bed (For Children), Mattress, Quilt (a total of 24 pieces).

Connect to the Red Roof Country Home to create a large, three-storey house (sold separately) as shown below. Have an even more enjoyable experience playing with additional figures and furniture (sold separately). Place the kitchen and chairs into the Family Seven Seater to turn it into a camper van (sold separately). Play with Red Roof Cosy Cottage alongside various other homes and shops (sold separately).

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