Shooting Elite Orbeez Blaster


Shooting Elite Orbeez Blaster ( Styles Vary )


Shooting guns are every kid’s favourite. The elite shooting gun is a toy version of the famous MP7 rifle. It comes 2 in a 1 dual mode; you can load water beads or have the option to use soft bullets. It is an interesting toy to enhance children’s development and engage them in outdoor activities. Safety goggles are also included in the box to protect the eyes of the player. The water-absorbing beads are smooth and harmless to children’s skin. The bullets are safe and non-toxic. The soft bullets having suction cups can easily attach to any object.

Key Features 

  • The elite shooting gun comes in dual mode.
  • Kids can use soft bullets and water beads bullets.
  • The goggles are included for the safety of a player.
  • The Army texture gives it the real look of the gun, helping kids play incognito.
  • The water bubble container and connector are easy to attach to the gun.
  • It has a built-in chargeable lithium battery and the given charging cable.
  • The USB charging cable is easy to connect.
  • The water and soft bullets are made of eco-friendly material for kids’ safety.
  • ABS material and acrylic paint are used in the design to make the gun reliable.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x MP7 Toy Gun
  • 1 x Lithium Battery
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Goggles
  • 10 x Suction Cup Soft Bullets
  • 1 x Pack Of Water Beads
  • 1 x Water Bullets Connector
  • 1 x Water Bullets Bottle
  • How to use an elite shooting gun?
    1. Push the lid of the battery component to the left.
    2. Connect the battery to the power cable of the gun.
    3. Close the battery component properly.
    4. Load the soft bullets from the behind port one at a time.
    5. Soaked a small number of dry bullets in the water container for one hour (hot water)
    6. Attach the connector with the gun; don’t forget to tighten the knob.
    7. Open the water bottle cap, pour the water-inflated bullets, and tighten it with the connector.
    8. Turn on the switch and pull the trigger to enjoy the power of a gun.

    What age is recommended to play with the elite shooting gun?

    The MP7 elite shooting gun contains many small parts, which are not safe for children below 8. It is recommended for kids above 8.

    Note: Play under adult supervision, and don’t aim at the face of the person or animals.

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