Smart Putty Bright & Bold Marvellous Magneta


Smart Putty Bright & Bold Marvellous Magenta

Tobar Mini Stress Relief Smart Putty For Kids This mini smart putty is perfect for the fingers of creative thinkers. As it is allowing you to use it multiple times. It also provides scientific stress relief, so it is great for anyone who benefits from using fidget products. You can also create illusions and so many different patterns with it. It is helping with both physical and mental Therapy Tool. This mini putty is incredibly satisfying for kids to play. It is great for both hand and finger exercises. FUN AND SATISFYING : This putty is really satisfying, educational, fantastic sensory tools and most of all, give great fun You can use putty as a thinking toy, a stress ball, a squeeze toy or as therapy putty. Twist it, smash it or create arts with it, super soft and stretchy, wonderful stress and anxiety reducer. DIFFERENT IDEAS : You can create anything whatever idea blink in your mind. The possibility of imaginative ideas to make with this putty are endless.  NONE STICKY : Less sticky putty, great consistency, amazing texture, not crumbly and dry like other clays. It inspires creativity and imagination. Also it’s perfect for DIY projects. SAFE AND DURABLE : It is no irritating to the skin or eyes. Moreover it provides scientific stress relief. Key Features : Can play both girls and boys. Easy to shape and stretch. It’s ideal for arts and crafts. Great stress reliever for adults. Product Specification : Package Dimensions : 6.4×6.4x2cmProduct Weight : 19gBrand : Tobar Box Contains : 1x Tobar Mini Smart Putty Note :Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from naked flame or direct heat sources. Not intended for children 3 and under.


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