SqueeZee Slime – Slime Mixing Station Kit


SqueeZee Slime – Slime Mixing Station Kit


Mix your own ultimate rainbow slime with this SqueeZee Slime – Slime Mixing Station Kit.

Mix it, Ooze it, and Stretch It! Mix glitter, glow, unicorn, fluffy, bobble and holographic slimes for ultimate sensory fun. Experiment making all kids of glorious slimes! Aids development of creativity and imagination whilst providing a fun time that can be played with again and again for continued sensory play.

Product Features:

  • Includes: 1 x hand-held mixer, 1 x 120g bag of cornflour, 1 x 70g pot of pva glue, 4 x slime egg containers, 4 x coloured powders, 1 x pack of foam bobbles, 1 x glow powder, 1 x bag of holographic glitter, and 1 x instruction sheet
  • Kids can mix their colours, add glitter, and even foam bobbles to their slime for sensory fun!
  • Store your smile in the included slime pot to play again and again
  • This make your own slime kit boosts kids’ imagination and creativity
  • The perfect gift for any slime lover
  • Suitable for ages 6 years +

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