Thomas & Friends Minis DC Super Heros 4 Pack 3+


Thomas & Friends DC Super Friends Minis 4 Pack

Now, Thomas & Friends engines are getting a MINI makeover. Collect ’em, race ’em, trade ’em, and use your imagination to create your own adventures!

5 Sets to choose from:

DWG63 – Set includes: Thomas as 52 Batman, Toby as Blue Beetle, Dash as Black Lightning and Rosie as Star Sapphire
DWG54 – Set includes: Thomas as Batman, Toby as Nightwing, Gator as Swamp Thing and Victor as Superboy
DMN00 – Set includes: Hiro as Bane, Percy as Reverse Flash, Emily as Poison Ivy and Belle as Raven
DMN01 – Set includes: Belle as Batgirl, Gordon as Darkseid, Luke as Beast Boy and Ferdinand as Martian Manhunter
DMNN99 – Set includes: Rosie as Starfire, Toby as Blue Beetle, Henry as Green Arrow and James as Brainiac

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