Treasure X Dino Gold Hunters


Treasure X Dino Gold Hunters Single Pack- Styles May Vary

  • Treasure X Dino Gold Hunters CDU

    Treasure X Dino Gold is back with more awesome Mini Dino’s to dig up and more new Treasures to find! The classic Treasure X unboxing dig experience has a new stone block compound to dig out and break apart through 10 levels of adventure! Will you find REAL GOLD dipped treasure?!


    Remove from packaging to discover your block and digging tool. Unwrap the block and prepare for digging! With all new X tool – build your tool to create four different ways to use it, including a brush for delicate digging around fossils!


    Use the X tool to dig and chip your way through the block. Keep going until you discover your hunter, weapon and treasure, This time the Treasures are encased inside a fossil. Use your tool to break open the fossil to discover your Treasure inside an amber vessel. Use the Golden X Key to open! Which prehistoric Pest Treasure will you find? Maybe you will find the Gold Meteor!


    Complete your Dino Hunter by placing the weapon in his hand. Which character did you find? These highly detailed characters are a super cool addition to any figure collection! Display your figure or use to create endless fun play scenarios!

  • There are 12 new Mini Dino Hunters to find and collect, many with new and different finishes. Look out for Taurax with an amazing Crystal finish. Search for Goldtops who appears to be made of stone! There are two Dino Hunters who look like they have crawled out of a tar pit! Maybe you will discover Goldrac and Igoldagon with their amazing gold finish! Each Mini Dino Action Figure has a touch of bling and carry a golden weapon!

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