Unique Eyes Doll Rebecca


Unique Eyes Doll Rebecca

  • SHE FOLLOWS YOU WITH HER EYES: Unique Eyes dolls that follow you with your eyes.
  • REBECCA MANNEQUIN DOLL: one of 3 friends Unique Eyes
  • REBECCA’S LOOK: Amy has a magical look that follows you everywhere.
  • MANNEQUIN DOLL: 25cm doll with points of articulation
  • BIG EYES AND BEAUTIFUL HAIR: They all have big and beautiful eyes with a deep look and also long and soft hair to take care of.

Three different dolls to collect!

Amy, Sophia and Rebecca all have a super fashionable and on-trend individual looks! Collect them all!

Posable Dolls!

Arms bend at elbows and rotate at shoulders. Legs bend at knees and all dolls are freestanding to display their amazing outfits!

Beautiful, voluminous hair for styling!

Show off your creativity with a hairdo to impress! These long, thick, soft locks are fun to brush and style. Perfect for braiding and updos these dolls are ideal for practicing your hairstyling skills!

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