Warmies Blue Dragon


Warmies Blue Dragon


Make bedtime fun with a super soft and snuggly warm Cozy Plush heatable blue horned dragon cuddly toy; fully microwavable – no removable wheat bag.

Made from fluffy faux fur, Cozy Plush toys are filled with natural grain and are the safe alternative to traditional hot water bottles, as there’s no risk of leakage or scalding.

Gently scented with fragrant French lavender to help soothe and relax, Cozy Plush toys make ideal slumber time companions.

Cozy Plush blue horned dragon is so easy to use; just pop your cuddly pal in the microwave to warm up and release the wonderfully calming lavender aroma.

Snuggle up with Cozy Plush blue horned dragon; he’s blue, he’s sweet and he’ll keep you cosy and warm for up to 2 hours and help encourage a good night’s sleep.

Warmies Cozy Plush Blue Horned Dragon Fully Microwavable Toy

Product Overview

  • Approx 26cm when sitting
  • Heat for two minutes in a microwave
  • Not machine washable, surface clean only
  • Cosy microwavable toy for children

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