Bing Fire Engine Lights and Sounds With Bing Figurine


Bing Fire Engine Lights and Sounds With Bing Figurine


Hi, I’m Firefighter Bing! Let’s play at fire engines! We can drive around with the lights flashing and the siren on. Let’s use the long ladder for rescuing, just like in my TV show!

Bing’s Lights and Sounds Fire Engine has flashing lights and a siren that sounds when you push it along. When you extend the ladder, there are sound effects too!

It’s fun to play and imagine with Bing’s Fire Engine. Role play at being a fire fighter – the poseable Bing figurine can sit in the bucket at the top of the ladder and rescue friends who are stuck in high places. The ladder extends and rotates 180 degrees. Bing can also sit in in the cab to play at being the driver. Open up the doors at the back to see inside the compartments.

Packaged in a display box that measures 32.5 X 20 X 18.5 cm, Bing’s fire engine is sturdy and designed for little hands to push and play. There’s no end to the lights and sounds fun with replaceable batteries. This toy is compatible with other Bing and Friends figurines, so everyone can join in with the fire engine games.

The Bing and Friends CBeebies Fire Engine episode is one of the most requested and popular – Bing’s Lights and Sounds Fire Engine will delight Bingsters who love the show. It’s a Bing thing!

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