Goozonians Hero: Queen Ember


Goozonians Hero: Queen Ember


Introducing GooZonians! The stretchiest ever superheroes protecting the magical realm of GooZonia – a land where enchanted rainbow-hued goo flows through everything!

Get ready for some magical adventures with a range of new super squishy, super stretchy heroes like no other!

Stretch and squish your Queen Ember action hero, she will always come back to her original shape! Squeeze her and see her gooey body move and stretch! Squish her to uncover her magic conch charm giving her voice a magic power and strength never seen before!

Ember is the latest in a long line of Phoenixes to lead the good people of GooZonia. She takes this responsibility very seriously and strives to put the needs of her people ahead of her own. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Especially when her impulsive sister jumps headlong into a new adventure. Fortunately, Ember’s quick reflexes and Fire Charm can save twin sister Flik from most of the trouble she gets into.

Make sure to check out the GooZonians cartoon on YouTube where you can watch your favourite heroes discover their special magic charms and save GooZonia from the threat of the Stone Heart!

Product Information:
• GooZonions
• Design: Queen Ember
• Age: 4+

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