Itty Bittys Prettys Big Tea Cup Playset


Itty Bittys Pretty’s Big Tea Cup Playset

Deluxe tea cup play set for the Itty Bitty Pretty Collectibles range. Inside the large tea cup is a range of surprises including a teapot, a smaller tea cup, two saucers, three 4g poucher of cotton candy pity, a mini table with matching tableware, two surprise fizzing sugar cubes, a teaspoon, brush, and a pair of dissolving tea bags. Place each tea bag in water and it fizzes away to reveal a collectible doll and a pet, along with a range of accessories and a swappable outfit for her. There are two variations available, each with a different set of two collectible figures.

  • Itty Bitty Pretty deluxe tea cup and figures
  • Blind boxed collectible toy play set
  • Packaged within a large tea cup
  • Includes smaller tea cup, teapot and two saucer
  • Mini table and matching tableware
  • Three 4g pouches of cotton candy putty
  • Two surprise fizzing sugar cube
  • Two dissolving tea bags with figures and pets inside
  • Swappable outfit and accessories
  • 30cm

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