Kicker Ball Swerve Ball


Kicker Ball Swerve Ball, As seen on tv


  • Swerve it like a pro – fun for boys and girls
  • Special aerodynamic panels.
  • 3 Tricks Tips included.
  • Learn EPIC tricks
  • Note:DO NOT over-Inflate as this may cause the ball to deform or pop and avoid sharp objects to prevent damage to the ball

To achieve the extreme curves with the KickerBall we have reduced the weight & material compounds along with a few other secrets derived from our Patent – Pending Design.

This reduction and material profile makes our ball easier to kick than your typical football – GREAT for goalkeeper practice since it is EASY to stop due to its weight but HARD to catch due to the unpredictable curves you can send at the goal.

You will be surprised with the amount of ball control and air-time you’ll get from the KickerBall. It’s not an average football it’s the KickerBall. So, get ready for some amazing SWERVES and CURVES!

KickerBall was designed to swerve more than any other ball. Our patent-pending design makes our ball super-fun for trick shots both on and off camera. Take your striker vs keeper game to a whole new level or setup different objects you can hit with different swerve trick-shots!

Corner kicks would be easy if you could just curve it into the goal. KickerBall generates so much more curve compared to a traditional soccer/football that it can be kicked into the goal from the corner… even when you are behind the goal.

Bend it… bend it good. Have a free-kick and need to get around a wall? What better way than bending it around! Swerving, curving and bending KickerBall is A LOT of fun; follow the quick guide below to see how you can unleash insane bends right out of the box.

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