LankyBox Thicc Shark Mystery Egg


LankyBox 2701 Thicc Shark Mystery Egg


  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED LANKYBOX MERCH: LankyBox is brought to you by the dynamic duo, Justin and Adam, along with their adorable cast of animated characters
  • THE ULTIMATE UNBOXING EXPERIENCE: There are so many surprise toys to unbox the fun never stops with LankyBox! Enjoy the thrill of unboxing and discovering awesome collectibles!
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW LANKYBOX TOYS: This Thicc Shark Mystery Egg contains 8 awesome toys and accessories that keep the fun alive off screen. Contents include mystery figures, micro figures, a pop-it, and more – with character variations exclusive to this incredible LankyBox toy set.
  • THICC SHARK LIKE HE’S NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE: The giant Thicc Shark-shaped case is collectible in and of itself, and e

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