Mini Delices Chocolate Bar Maker


Mini Delices Chocolate Bar Maker


It’s fun and easy to create and decorate chocolate bars and shaped chocolate pieces (ice cream, unicorn, crown, yin yang symbol and more), with the help of the chocolate bar maker.

Select one of five chocolate moulds to create your special chocolate treat. Choose your most desired chocolate (not included) and melt it in the Bain Marie – why not use 2 different variations of chocolate like milk and white chocolate for a strong contrasting design. Decorate your creations with your favourite sprinkles and toppings.  Let the chocolate bars set before removing them from the moulds to eat or why not wrap them up in the cellophane bags provided, add a sticker as a final touch and gift to family and friends.

Great gift for budding chefs, children who love cooking or children with a sweet tooth to learn how to make their own chocolate.

Food not included. Suitable for ages 6+

Contents: 1x Workshop, 1x Hotwater Container (Bain-marie base and top), 1x Spoon, 1x Mini Tongs, 5x Chocolate Moulds, 1x Chocolate Pen, 1x Sticker Sheet and 10x Cellophane Gift Bags. Note: no chocolate or toppings are included – these need to be purchased separately.

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