Monkey See Monkey Poo Game


Monkey See Monkey Poo Game


Get ready to laugh out loud with Monkey See Monkey Poo from Spin Master Games.

For 2–4 players, this poo-filled toddler game takes about 25–30 minutes to play. The concept is simple: Fill with poo. Fling poo. Collect bananas. Climb. Included is a convenient Monkey Flinger assembly sheet and clear instructions for ease of setup.

Start by choosing your monkey—P.U. Stink, Gassy George, Harry Dingle or Tootsie—then spin the spinner to see how many flings you get. Lift the Monkey Flinger’s tail and load the Dough into the opening on his back. Pinch and shape poo before launching. Place one hand on the Monkey Flinger’s base to keep it steady and your other hand over the launcher. Aim at the vertical tree that is the game board and let the poo fly. After flinging a poo, collect a Banana Token for each Banana Bunch you knocked over.

Product features:

  • Includes 1 Monkey Flingers (7 pcs), 4 Monkey Climbers, 4 Climbing Clips, 5 Banana Bunches, 5 Banana Bunch Clips, 15 Banana Tokens, 1 Monkey Dough Container, 4 Green String Vines, 1 Spinner Board, 1 Spinner Arrow and Peg, 1 Tree Gameboard (4 pcs) and 1 Assembly Sheet
  • This funny game includes tree-climbing, poo-flinging, banana-hungry monkeys
  • Spin to see how many flings you get, then load poo into the Monkey Flinger and launch away
  • For 2-4 players
  • Approximate Dimensions: 27 x 8 x 27 cm
  • Suitable for ages 4 years +

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