Play-Doh Air Clay Sweet Creations


Play-Doh Air Clay Sweet Creations


Expand a child’s creativity with the Play-Doh Air Clay Sweet Creations set. With 6 Air Clay colour packs, kids 4+ can mold, sculpt, and imagine a tasty world of pretend treats.

From gingerbread people to pretzels and tiered cakes, the Play-Doh Air Clay Sweet Creations set comes with a molding tray containing more than 20 treat molds. Two sculpting tools allow kids (and parents!) to bring to life imaginative sweets creations and let them try for long-lasting memories.

Contains: 9-piece set, 6 Air Clay color packs – pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple, and white. 2 tools . 1 molding tray with 21 treat molds including gingerbread person, cake, pretzel, candy cane, and cookie


Age: 4 Years +

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