Play-Doh Super Clay Bananza


Play-Doh Super Clay Bananza


Squish, Dry, Display Play-Doh Air Clay allows children to sculpt clay art with silky-smooth modelling material leaves them with a lasting clay craft model when air-dried.

It does not crumble, crack or make a mess like traditional clay. Leave it to dry for 24 hours to set the model. No baking is needed and the material can be painted once it s dry.

Play-Doh Air Clay is remarkably versatile. If desired, the clay can be put back stored in its resealable container. It will maintain its soft texture unless it s left out to harden

Contains: 15x Colours of 20g Packets of Play-Doh Air Clay, 5x Bags of Different Textured Pieces, 5x Tools and Sculpting Guide

Age: 4 Years+

Play-Doh Air Clay Super Clay Bonanza

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