Kooky Kritterz Playful Bailey


Kooky Kritterz Playful Bailey


Kooky Kritters Bailey is the most playful pup ever! Hes fun, kooky and crazy for treats! Watch his eyes wiggle and jiggle and his floppy ears flap as he gets excited! He plays and performs over 10 tricks thanks to his microphone, touch sensors and magic feeding bowl! Your new interactive best friend Bailey can beg, bark, blow a kiss, sniff, sleep, react when you rub his belly and pet him, play tug-of-war and eats! With over 30 sounds hell be able to entertain for hours. With touch and motion sensors your new dog with play and react with you!


  • Bailey is your very own barking, playful, walking interactive dog!
  • He just like a real dog, he really plays, eats begs barks and more!
  • Over 30 sounds!
  • The perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a child looking for their new puppy pal.

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