Miraculous Ladybug Styling Head With Doll


Miraculous Ladybug Styling Head With Doll


What look will you give ladybug?

With the Miraculous hairdressing head, you can style marinette/ladybug according to your mood and let your creativity run wild The numerous accessories allow you to restyle Ladybugs hairstyles from the Miraculous series and your imagination can unfold freely.

With a size of 21 cm, the hairdressing head is stable and can be easily carried by children.

  • 1 x Ladybug Mannequin Head
  • 1 x Mirror Comb
  • 2 x coloured hair extensions.
  • 2 Hair Bobbles + 2 Spirals + 2 Clips + 2 Hair Bands
  • 12 balls + 1 applicator.
  • 1 sheet of glitter stickers that you can stick to ladybugs face.
  • 1 x Ladybug Mask
  • 1 pair of red earrings + 1 pair of pink earrings.

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