Ty Harmonie – Large Beanie Boo


Ty Harmonie – Large Beanie Boo

Look no further than this adorable Ty Beanie Boo, a perfect unicorn companion to bring on all your travels.

She is called Harmonie and her soft fur is white, with blues and greens and yellows and pinks all softly set into it. Her mane is bright pink, as are her sparkling eyes, whilst she has two horns, yellow and blue, that gently wind around each other. She has a cute little smile and a button nose as well, certain to be your new best friend for nap time!  

This huge Beanie Boo stands at a whopping 40cm tall! He is a big soft best friend to hug or take on all your adventures!

Each Ty companion comes with its own little swing tag introducing them to their lucky new owner;


“I sing because it’s a lot of fun

But only when I sit in the sun!”

Please remove all tags before giving item to a child and, in order to care for your Beanie Boo, Ty recommends hand washing.

Birthday: September 7th

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